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(Located in Arlington)


 Hi everyone  I run my business from home so here are a few guidelines I would like everyone to follow so that every visit runs. smoothly. Please make sure you read the full page before booking. 

1. All appointments are required to pay a $30 non-refundable deposit. via apple pay or Cash app $beautybytee(make sure to include, style,length, date, time and color). Deposit does go toward your service and will be deducted from your total fee. Once you book appointment online you will receive a confirmation email. You must pay deposit asap. Ill give you an hr window to do so. If deposit isn't sent ill cancel appointment. Make Sure you include, name, style, date and time in cash app and Apple Pay description. ex(Tee,Med knot bb waist 2/10 9am) Also make sure you are adding color and length when booking in description incase you forget to add when sending deposit.

2. No XTRA PEOPLE. No kids Allowed.

I'm sorry parents that includes you. You are welcome to come inside with your child and see where they will be and see that they're in a safe environment. That will only take one parent not multiple people. Please arrive for pickup at a decent time. Your child should not have to wait too long for you. Also make sure to leave the money with your child or you can pay me before I start the process. I will notify you when I'm about an hr. out so you can head my way. Its best to already be waiting on them. Thank you parents for understanding. 

3.Cash only (if you forget you will have to pay an additional $25 to pay me electronically)(cash app, apple pay. ) 

4. Everyone must come with clean, dry, detangled, and blown out hair. Bring your own rat tail comb. For my no heat ladies you can just stretch your hair out to the best of your abilities. 

5. Do not come with wet braiding hair. If you do I will refuse service. Try to give yourself time to  properly dip your hair and make sure its completely dry.

6.Come to appointments with the right amount of hair,  the right brand and length of hair. You will not be able to leave to go get more.(ignore, hair is now included in styles).

7.If you have short hair please notify me ahead of time. Your hair must be 5in all over for me to braid it no exceptions. No need to go back and forward with me. 5in. is the length requirement. 

8.If you are Suffering from hair loss make sure you let me know. send pics and etc.

9.Make sure we are getting to our appointments on time. I know things can happen and if you are unable to make it text me. I allow up to 15min but you will have to text me and let me know. It will also be a $25 late fee. If you are more than 15min late i will cancel your appointment and you will have to reschedule.

11. You will only be able to reschedule once. If you miss your next appointment another deposit will be required to book again. deposits only lasts 2 weeks. from appointment date. If covid related 3 weeks. 

12. CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT. APPOINTMENTS MUST BE CONFIRMED via text msg. If you don't confirm your appointment I'll assume you no longer want to attend your appointment. I will cancel it. I work from home ladies and I leave it up to you to confirm your appointments. I can't just assume you are going to come. Plenty people pay deposits and don't show up, so let's not use that as an excuse. These are MY GUIDELINES too Follow.Try to text and confirm in a timely matter before 6pm. Once it is confirmed I'll send you all details including address information. 

13. Lastly since I do work from home and to make sure we are all safe I do have cameras around my home and in my work area.


Thank you for taking time to read all guidelines. 

Sending Deposit states you are agreeing to the terms in the disclaimer. 


 I require  that everyone wear face masks.

I will temp checks before you enter. once you enter everyone must sanitize. 98.7 

You are more than welcome to wear gloves

If you are sick or have a fever I will refuse service. Don't be selfish we can always reschedule your appointment.

I sanitize  my work area before and after every appointment. 

My previous Client must be out before my next client comes in.

Lets do our best and try to stay healthy. God bless everyone and I hope to see you all healthy at your appointments lol.

How to book




Length:( Bra strap waist length butt length etc ).


With availability let me know what days and times work for you so we can make the process as smooth as possible. my hrs are Sunday-friday 8am-5pm

Booking section is now added refer there to book. you can also still text me with above information.

you can either DM, text, or email me. 

Pay $30 Non-Refundable Deposit Via Apple Pay 682-978-3380 or Cash App $beautybytee.

Home: News & Updates


BeautyByTee is a popular Hairstylist known for providing high quality braiding services.

Stop by and get your hair slayed. You are in and out ladies. No more long hrs most styles take 3-4.5 hrs.

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: 9am-5pm

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