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Tiny Tots

Hi Everyone, you guys have been waiting for me to add kids styles for a min. This will not be long list of styles. It will only be a couple. Im starting out slowly with the styles. I will only be offering small, medium and large Knotless braids and crochet braids at the moment. So don't go crazy ON ME sending me a plethora of styles lol. 

I will only be having a few guidelines when it comes to the babies. I added on all info from disclaimer pg so you won't have to read 2 different pgs. 

-All appointments require a $30 non refundable deposit. It does go towards your balance. Via Cash App or Apple Pay 682-978-3380 ($beautybytee) include style,date, time and color. 

-Deposit much be sent as soon as you book appointment. no exceptions. If deposit isn't sent appointment is canceled.

-no xtra people

-They must be salon ready, meaning will be able to sit and hold a steady head for the duration of the style.(of course they are babies and will get antsy). 

-Cant be tender headed (im sorry ladies)

-Hair MUST be 5in.( if confused send pics)

- Balance Must be paid before you leave (CASH ONLY)

-I have a parent free environment(but I will allow you to sit with the babies for 15-20min) to make sure they are good and see that they are in a safe environment and are in good hands. 

-Tots must come with hair wash, blown out and Completely detangled.

-Must bring your own medal tail Rat tail comb

-Must be on time 15min late policy. after 15 min appointment is canceled. 

-No last min style changes

-Can only reschedule once.

-Lastly ALL APPOINTMENTS MUST BE CONFIRMED VIA TEXT MSG. NO EXCEPTIONS. 682-978-3380. I will cancel appointments that are not confirmed. you will lose your deposit and have to send another to get a new appointment. Try to text in a timely matter Before 6PM. Once confirmed ill send address details. 

-I do work from home ladies I have cameras posted around work area for safety. 

Thank you for taking the time out and reading these guidelines. 

Sending deposit states that you agree with the terms in my policy. 

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